WooCommerce Currency Convertor

Original price was: ₹2,000.Current price is: ₹1,000.

WooCommerce Currency Converter is an extension for the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. It uses Open Exchange Rates for converting your product prices to a currency of your customers choice! It features currency detection and responsive design. Orders are still completed using the base currency set in WooCommerce settings, converted prices are just for reference.

Currency Detection: Automatically detect customers currency based on their location, so your customers can spend more time looking at your products!

Responsive Ready: WooCommerce Currency Converter comes responsive ready, so it will work on all screen sizes and devices!


  • Shortcode for displaying the customers saved currency in the menu label
  • Choose if converted prices replace base currency price or if they are displayed next to base currency price in brackets (when a currency is selected that isn’t the base currency)
  • Choose if currency code is appended to product prices
  • Works with WooCommerce price filter
  • Full localization support
  • Easy to use
  • Clean code
  • Seamless integration with WordPress and WooCommerce (doesn’t look out of place)