Opencart Training


Opencart is one of the very Popular eCommenrce & CMS. Because of its easy to understand code yet powerful features, opencart has gained popularity amongst developer and website admin alike. By the end of the entire course, a student shall be able to create a fully functional web-store and customize it using OpenCart. Given below is a basic overview of the course contents:

  • Introduction to eCommerce and Shopping Cart
  • Introduction to Opencart
  • Installation and Configuration of Opencart
  • Understanding Opencart extensions
  • Understanding the categories, product options
  • Usage of Controllers in Opencart
  • Usage of Models in Opencart
  • Usage of Views in Opencart
  • Relation between Model, View and Controller
  • Understanding Opencart plugins
  • Understanding Opencart themes
  • Payment processors
  • Project Examples and Roundup
  • Opencart custom page creation for admin and front also.
  • Opencart Module development

Course Duration: 12 Hours
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