Simplifying eCommerce | Teaching the basics

As suggested by the tag line, we are a team of people, striving to get basic literacy among the general crowd about the new trend of the eCommerce world. We are totally dedicated only to eCommerce and it’s development. With a backing of 11 years of IT experience of your parent company KDC and a specialized team of international developers and designers we are in a strong hold to handle and cater to any magnitude of required and expertise.


We offer a full range of eCommerce and eRetail consultancy services to retailers, brands and eCommerce StartUps.

What does a good eCommerce Platform Need?
Search Engine Optimized
Establish a site architecture that can compete with leaders in your space. Our fine-grained SEO control, meta-generation, in-site linking,canonical strategy and clever integration ensures maximum crawling and indexing.
Marketing Ready
Advanced marketing features to boost sales and retain customers. eCommerce must tightly integrate livechat, promotions, A/B testing, dynamic content, newsletters, promoted products, coupons, abandoned cart, loyalty programs, store credits.
Multichannel Possibilities
Commerce is an increasingly technologically enabled process that will go on in any number of touchpoints. Thus there must be options to help monetize anywhere.
Fast Experience
Nobody likes to wait. Visitors have developed an expectation that purchase will happen quickly, and if not they will move on. Thus the checkout process & delivery optimization maximizes user experience and performance.

At KDC PAY we are well equipped to offer all the above requirements to build, boost and sustain your eCommerce platform

The power of Knowledge In today’s age, we all direct or indirectly use eCommerce. Be it for Booking Online Reservcation of or to watch a movie.

Our attempt with the Knowledge Share is to make you aware of the best practices to get the best out of your online experience. We share tips about:

  • How to keep your self safe?
  • How to store your valuable info?
  • Suggestions on What to do and What not to do!

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